(Updated) Statement regarding Voting for the 2024 Class of CPWHOF

Voting for the 2024 Class of the Canadian Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame presented by CWN officially began on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 and was scheduled to take place during the entire month of November but was extended until December 15th, 2023 due to issues between Polltab and Facebook. Today, we were informed that there were now issues between Polltab and Google.

With that being said, we have made the decision to move completely away from Polltab and setup voting here directly on our website. For anyone that was successfully able to vote using Google, your votes will be combined with the previous votes using Facebook. We officially stopped counting the Google votes at 6:00PM ET tonight.

While we know that voting this year has been challenging, we appreciate everyone that has taken the time to vote. It means a lot and we know it means a lot to the nominees in each category.

There are nine voteable categories that include Legend, Male Wrestler, Female Wrestler, Tag Team, Sharpshooter, Siren, MMA, Honour and Perseverance. To vote, you must be logged into Google and you may only vote once per category.

You can vote for all nine voteable categories here on our website @ https://cpwhof.cwnonline.ca/2024-class

The Canadian Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame presented by CWN | 2024 Class will officially be announced LIVE on Thursday, January 18th, 2024.

Thank you for your understanding and patience this year.

Honouring Canadians from Coast to Coast 🍁